Greta Thunberg it is on the lake

Greta Thunberg it is on the lake accompanied the ship

Greta Thunberg: it is on the lake.

Greta Thunberg: it is on the lake.

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About half of their Atlantic journey has brought Greta Thunberg behind. It is during the great Crossing.

Greta Thunberg sails currently in the United States.

Greta Thunberg sails currently in the United States.

About half of the route is to arrive done it before Greta Thunberg (16, “scenes from the heart”) ‘ll be expected to start in early to mid-week with the “Malizia II,” in New York City. However, as the Swedish climate protection activist, it is so far on the high seas in the absence of?

Greta Thunberg it is on the lake special adventure

A special adventure.

With only 16 years, Greta Thunberg has on 14. August on a modern adventure go. You stabbed last Wednesday, together with her father, Svante Thunberg (50), the German yachtsman Boris Herrmann (38), Caroline of Hanover (62) son Pierre Casiraghi (31) and a film-maker on the “Malizia II” in the lake. The sailboat took off around 17:00 German time in the UK Plymouth and aims to create a two-week Crossing in New York. Thunberg, it was important to travel in a climate-neutral and, therefore, plane, or steamer, were not an Alternative for you .

They released a Video of her son.

“Day 7. About half way across the Atlantic. Very pleasant conditions,” wrote Thunberg least on Twitter, where she and other crew members of the world public to the journey. An image posted shows the 16-Year-old in the sunshine and with a Smile in front of a quiet lake. So far, the crew had generally seem to be quite lucky with the weather. Although Herrmann wrote on his website of a “rough” first night and “unpleasant” day on the lake, in recent days, the Situation has improved but noticeably. On the fifth day of the trip, Thunberg reported about a “Sunny day with pleasant winds”.

3,000 kilometres to go.

Around 3,000 kilometres Greta Thunberg and your companions still have to go. On the cramped boat, there seems to be but not boring. On the fourth day of the trip, the activist described her Trip as: “life on Malizia II is like Camping on a roller coaster.” At the same time Thunberg assured that on Board well and sleeping will eaten. Also, you don’t be become really seasick. Afraid she had not, but anyway, as you had the “star” previously revealed: “Then I’ll pass me up for two weeks.”

Otherwise is catered for the physical Well-being. With squats, the sailors hold, for example, fit. The Crew pass the time with paintings and games. The five members of the crew have a bet on what time is it in New York will arrive. While Thunberg tap on the next Wednesday at lunch time, would like to Casiraghi arrive already on Monday noon .

A very special encounter is likely to be probably the Highlight for Thunberg on your trip. A few hours after departure, a few sea mammals accompanied the ship. “Some dolphins showed up and last night hergeschwommen next to the boat,” tweeted the 16-Year-old.

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