GNTM Daniel Scarvaci is the Nanny in the model Villa

GNTM Daniel Scarvaci is the Nanny in the model Villa commented upon, however

Image: Daniel Scarvaci is the Nanny in the model Villa.

Daniel Scarvaci: He is the Nanny in “GNTM”

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The “GNTM”-candidates do not live in the model Villa alone. A Nanny watches over the young models. Compared to GALA Daniel Scarvaci from the school and chats .

The “Germany’s Next Topmodel”candidates live in Los Angeles together in a model Villa. But if you think you live alone in the hills of Los Angeles, you are wrong. “Manny” – male “GNTM”-Nanny – Daniel Scarvaci, 31, is concerned about the Welfare of young models.

Image: Manny fits on candidates .

GNTM Daniel Scarvaci is the Nanny in the model Villa the stops, the

During the “Germany’s Next Topmodel”-the time he lived with the candidates under one roof – a total of five months. The model of life can be exhausting: early rising, punctuality, and full concentration in the shoots. Useful if Models have their own personal alarm clock: “I was the first point of contact for the girls. I took care of it, that you come early in the morning out of bed”, says Daniel to his Job as a “Manny” to the GALA. Further, he reported: “I wrote the shopping lists and, more generally, to ensure that the girl of nothing.“

Daniel takes care of the Welfare of the candidates.

The “GNTM”-Manny got to know the Models before Los Angeles. Daniel was already in Berlin and in Sölden – the stops, the stopped the girls before they moved to California. “That was perfect, all to get to know. In L. A. I was not on the Set,“ says the 31-Year-old. Nevertheless, the contact with the young models was not denied. Against GALA he revealed: “I had every day contact with the girls. We have eaten together, or watching TV.” The free days of shooting, and used the young models and Daniel, to explore the city .

First Videos from the “GNTM”-rotary.

A male Nanny has its advantages.

Whether the friendships between young models and the “Manny” hold? “If you live together for so long, the result is friendships. Whether the stock, it will show,” says Daniel. Theresia, already got last week, no photo of Heidi Klum, 45, and commented upon, however diligently his pictures on Instagram: “Daniel, you old Player,“ she writes under a picture of him. Also a candidate Vanessa is apparently still in contact with Daniel and commented on one of his Instagram pictures: “Posing, posing, posing.“

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