Dry lips in the Winter These SOS tips really help!

Dry lips in the Winter These SOS tips really help!

Dry lips in the Winter These SOS tips really help!

Why Balms are not at all harmful Dry, chapped, burning lips: The Problem is everyone knows in the cold Season. But actually, it is not avoid not so hard. With a few tips chapped lips are a thing of the past!

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Select the combination that suits your needs ideal. Especially in the Winter, we will be plagued often by dry, chapped lips. We explain the cause, in the rooms with a big Beauty myth, and reveal what is really the best SOS-tips for a smooth kiss to the mouth.

Dry lips in the Winter These SOS tips really help!

So that our skin is protected from dehydration, the sebaceous glands regularly fat. This is especially in the cold is important. This natural protection of the body falls away on the lips, because virtually no sebaceous glands are present. In addition, the skin on the mouth is very thin. Cold temperatures, icy Wind and the dry air of Central heating will do the rest, so that the skin loses on the lips even more moisture — it is rough and cracked.

In such a Situation, we tend to moisturize our lips with the tongue. This habit relieves, although briefly, the feeling of tension, in the long term, you worse but complaints. Because the lip is removed in addition to moisture, and the skin is still drier than before.

Each of the already dry lips had white and resorted to a maintenance pen that complaints can be quickly alleviated. As soon as you remove the product again, come back but also the rough, cracked area of the body. Therefore, can we actually from an Addiction or dependency? The answer is clearly “no”. Of course, a lip balm can’t fix the cause of the chapped skin in the oral region, but the nourishing ingredients and fats help in healing and Regeneration . Nevertheless, lip care is not the same as lip care.

Dry lips in the Winter These SOS tips really help!

Experts recommend products with perfume or dye, at least as long as the skin is irritated. Substances such as Dexpanthenol, or medicinal plants such as Calendula, in contrast, seem to be particularly healing and anti-inflammatory . Now that we have understood that lip balms are not harmful and not addictive, we can use it now with a clear conscience. It is even highly recommended, because without care, the cracked skin can not heal on the lips also. These are our editors ‘ favorites: to remove dead skin flakes and the blood circulation exfoliation is to stimulate helpful. With two home remedies you can make yourself: a bit of olive oil and sugar to an old toothbrush, and then in a circular motion on the lips to.

Not too strong not even more pressing, in order not to irritate the damaged skin. Then a care to give up and the lips are much more delicate. You’ll probably have already heard a Thousand times, but drinking is important! Even chapped lips can be a indicator that your body fluid is missing. For this reason, you have to at least take in two liters of water a day to you.

Alternatively, it is also unsweetened tea. Also a wrong skin care can have an impact on our lip Region. Because if we use, for example, to agressive cleaner, it can dry out our skin strong. It is so worth it in the Winter, especially the maintenance routine on the seasonal needs, for an Extra Dose of moisture . For the cold Season, Oil Cleanser, and a particularly rich cream, for example, are very good. A nutrient deficiency is often the cause of chapped lips, but can happen.

A lack of Vitamin B12, iron, or zinc , makes the dry lips noticeable. Here is a healthy, well-balanced diet provides a remedy. If the complaints continue in the long term, you should consult your doctor and get your blood checked.

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