Corona rules in Thuringia, These restrictions apply currently

Private Meetings, Catering, Culture, Leisure, Sport

This Corona are the rules currently in Thuringia

30. May 2020 – 2:02 PM

Overview of the Corona-rules in Thuringia

A return to Thuringia soon completely back into the daily routine? Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left) makes precisely this hope – and this is very much criticized. However, under him, the General dispositions and the crisis unit of the Federal country, for Corona to become a thing of the past. However it is still decided on nothing Concrete .

In General, a distance requirement to the other people of at least 1.5 meters, as well as the obligation to cover the mouth and nose with masks, towels or scarves while shopping and in public Close is everywhere, and long – distance transport.

We have summarized the most important Corona-rules in Thuringia .

Meeting with other people

Since the 13th century. May be allowed to meet in Thuringia again, members of two households. This is true for the public space, the private apartment and the garden. To all other persons, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. With the exception of the spouse, or the spouse, life partner, or the partner, the partner or the Partner in a spousal or life partnership, like community, and whose children (patchwork family), relatives in a straight line, as well as siblings and siblings children.

Gastronomy and tourism

Gastronomy, the Opening is allowed to operated again, as long as the hygiene measures and the minimum distance to be complied with. The same applies to Hotels, apartments and campsites.

Culture and leisure

Cinemas, theatres and cultural institutions with operations in General are closed in Thuringia yet. In contrast, Zoos, museums, and galleries are open, subject to conditions .

Playgrounds are also open, if it is held to the distance regulations .


Gyms are only from the 1. June opened. There must be opportunities for the disinfection to Enter the facility. Maximum number of guests. In the changing and sanitary areas, the minimum distance must be maintained between all the athletes. Training equipment must be cleaned after use. The payment by Bank Transfer should be made, and the counter with the Plexiglas will be provided protection. No Showers.

Club, rehab, health and sports performance is possible under certain conditions, even in confined spaces. Observed, in particular, spacing rules, and contact restrictions and regular disinfections need to be. People who feel ill or symptoms of the disease, not allowed to participate in sports .

Outdoor pools and swimming lakes are from 1. June opened. It distance are to comply with the rules. There is no relaxation area, no collective is allowed to open a case. In Case a mouth guard is compulsory, facilities for hand disinfection must be provided. Indoor pools remain closed.

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