Corinna Harfouch quote of the day

Corinna Harfouch: quote of the day

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  • 22.08.2015

Corinna Harfouchs criticism of the System

"We say we live in a democracy, in the best of all possible societies, and not thinking at all about it. We laugh about it, when someone says "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". We find the idea ridiculous, that could be used to address the injustice in the world ."

Actress Corinna Harfouch (60, "What remains") is dissatisfied with the political System in Germany, as in the "New Press" clear makes. About the GDR, in which she grew up, said the 60-Year-old, the from 11. September in "The Order" to see at the state theater in Hannover, Germany is: "This is the crap. We have screwed up. And also this piece talks about the pain and the grief, about how the Chance of another company was a mistake. But the solution can’t that it says: "Yes, a pity, not just worked out, we surrender the capitalist conditions.""

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