Carrie Underwood is one happy calories

Carrie Underwood is one happy calories

03. March 2020 – 10:30 PM

Carrie Underwood has no Problem to pay strict attention to calories .

No woman in the world like a diet you could think of. The Country singer is ticking since, however, a little different. "I love the rules. You help me, to make me feel good and that’s how I work ", she revealed in an interview with ‘Women’s Health’magazine. So you keep to a strict diet plan, according to your dish of 45 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fat and 25 percent Protein is.

The 36-Year-old, it had not fallen, however, always easy to follow the strict rules. After winning the talent show ‘American Idol’ in 2005, it had fallen into the yo-yo trap. On some days you have taken less than 800 calories, on the other, they gave in to their Desires uncontrollably . "I suffered again and again, ‘relapse’, and I felt terrible, and the cycle is repeated", confesses to Carrie. The Starving have you made on the other hand, limp . "Your body is screaming ‘I need more calories. I need more carbs!’"

In the meantime, the ‘Before He Cheats’-Hitmacherin has found a much more sustainable method to care for your body and your health. So you integrated getting sufficient exercise in your everyday life. "If I can’t train seven days per week – what’s happening, but if I could – then I will do it. Because in the next week, maybe I can make only two", reported by Carrie.

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