Bettina Lamprecht

Bettina Lamprecht has been in the wind for the popular Comedy actress. In the meantime, the dares "Pastewka"-Actress in more serious climes

Bettina Lamprecht

  • Born 2. June 1977 , In Ilmenau, Thuringia/Germany
  • First Name Bettina
  • Name Lamprecht
  • Forty two
  • Size 1.73 m
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Partner married
  • Children’s Son

Not everyone knows that

Amazing how covered, Bettina Lamprecht over the years with your private life could hold. The only thing that is known is that with a marathon runner, is married, they have a common son, and now in the Wedding district of Berlin life.

Bettina Lamprecht is not only in television but also graces the movie screen. So she has to 2007 "Idiot" with Oliver Pocher played. Film adaptations of funny books seem to be your thing, 2019 in takes a Part "The Kangaroo Chronicles".

Old love does not rust: When Bettina the series "Betty’s Diagnosis" leaves, she has already a new old project in the bag: 2017 started a new rotation to work "Pastewka".

Biography of Bettina Lamprecht

Whether on the side of Anke Engelke in their Sketch Show "Ladykracher" or as gruff neighbor Svenja Bruck in the cult series "Pastewka" – Bettina Lamprecht was able to play with a lot of humour and Talent in the hearts of the audience. They seemed to have always exactly know where her path will lead .

In Thuringia, grew up

Is born, Bettina Lamprecht in the Thuringian town of Ilmenau in the former GDR. She grew up in the tranquil town of Gera mountain, surrounded by nature. As Bettina was 18, she went to new climes, and moved to Hanover. There she studied for four years at the University of music and theatre. After that, they moved it even further, to New York City, where you in 2002 at the Ward Studio acting training completed.

With 50 again became a father

Bettina Lamprecht is for Comedy actress

Prior to her time in the USA Bettina was shown on the screens, and took in the Comedy Show "Switch" together with Bernhard Hoecker and Michael Kessler as well as numerous TV formats on the grain. Comedy seemed to be even then the Brunette, and since 2001 is a solid Part of Anke Engelkes "Ladykracher". She has embodied in the sketches again and again, of other people, in takes you "Pastewka" a fixed role and that of the neighbor Svenja Bruck.

German Comedy award for "Pastewka"

The role of Svenja Bruck can fill Bettina Lamprecht in a way that the inclined "Pastewka"-Viewers and even her annoyed. So it is not only for Bastian Pastewka no picnic is that you anbandelt with his half-brother Hagen, and later becomes his wife. The series has become cult, they also owe a little Bettina Lamprecht to . She was awarded several times with the German Comedy award: 2006, 2013 and 2016.

More seriousness by the ZDF?

For "Ladykracher" price received several times the German Comedy, as well as for the "today Show", they mimed between 2010 and 2015, more likely the reporter Petra Radetzky. After their involvement in the "today show" she played for two years, the main role in the ZDF-the eve series "Betty’s Diagnosis". Since then, Bettina Lamprecht is trying to play more serious roles, as well as 2018 in the ZDF-movie "Südstadt", or in the VOX-in-house production "The most important thing in life" from 2019. She plays always women, the pursuit of more self-determination and a task away from the family .

Bettina Lamprecht private

What is in her roles, she has mastered self-well – Bettina Lamprecht is a serious actress, on the one laughing very happy . About your private life, however, is as good as nothing is known, therefore, you can determine this Self, detached from the family, to enjoy fully. And has you free: "I play the piano, do sports or learn a language, I need never. Even though I was in Moscow. Since I was able to order vodka in Russian ." After all.

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