Autumn Phillips

There is hardly a girl who does not dream to marry a handsome Prince and to live in a magnificent castle. Autumn Phillips, the wife of the Queen Grandson, Peter, has become this little girl’s dream come true. At least almost.

Autumn Phillips

  • Born 3. May 1978 , Montreal / Canada
  • First Name Autumn Patricia
  • Name Phillips , born as Kelly
  • Forty two
  • Size –
  • Zodiac Taurus
  • Partner Peter Phillips (verh. since 17. In may 2008, separated)
  • Children, Savannah Phillips (Born 2010) ; Isla Phillips (*2012)

Not everyone knows that

Autumn Kelly was a member of the Catholic Church, what is if you marry a British Royal – is a Problem. The "Act of Settlement", the succession to the throne act, would have determined in this case that Peter Phillips would have lost in the case of a marriage, his rights to the throne. But nothing came of it, but Its futures converted to the Anglican Church, whose head, incidentally, is Queen Elizabeth .

Autumn Phillips, has a twin brother named Chris.

Not only Duchess Meghan has relatives, the royal are not necessarily presentable. Autumns uncle Gary, and writes "", a number of Strip-Bars have operated .

At your wedding Autumn wore a dress of cream Duchesse-Satin, with Chantilly lace and a long Train. Was completed the design of Bridal couturier Sassi Holford by a Bolero jacket made of lace and short Sleeves. The tulle veil, the bride was also decorated with lace and was held in place by a tiara that Princess Anne had lent her future daughter-in-law .

In one of the films she shot before her marriage to Peter Phillips, she appeared in a supporting role alongside Bob Hoskins and Dan Aykroyd on.

Autumn Phillips has retained her canadian citizenship. Their daughters both the English of the father, as well as the canadian mother .

In an Interview with the canadian television channel “CBC”, not to the Queen-in-law, granddaughter, 2016, that you go to the British English always easily from the tongue, and in "Kanadismen", so the canadian debate and expressions, slide. Prince Philip would raise occasionally. And their daughters Isla and Svanannah you would be correct, as she laughingly told.

The biggest stumbling block – or should we say: the biggest obstacle? – for a Newcomer in the Royal family is likely to be the courtly Protocol. Who will curtsy to whom? Who do I speak like? According to "" Queen took Elizabeth’s niece Lady Sarah Chatto Autumn under her wing and helped her to.

Autumn lived with her husband Peter for a few years in Hong Kong, but returned in 2010, before the birth of their first daughter, Svannah, to England. Since then, the family lives mainly in London, but it also has a weekend Cottage in the country and in the vicinity of Princess Anne’s estate, Gatcombe Park.

Biography of Autumn Phillips

Autumn came in 1978, in the southwest of the canadian province of Quebec to the world. Your family, the Kellys lived in a suburban area of Montreal. She grew up with two brothers and was a sporty and popular student. Her father, Brian Kelly worked as a marketing Manager, mother Katherine "Kitty" as a hairdresser. A normal, middle-class life, so.

After graduation, Autumn followed her father, who had married after divorce from wife Kitty again, for two years to China. After her return home she enrolled at the prestigious McGill University in Montreal for East Asian studies a and earned money as a Bartender and fashionl. she Also took small roles as an actress.

Peter and Autumn Phillips

Their separation is the next sad news for the Royals

The unrecognized Queen-grandson

2003 worked the blonde canadian in the BMW-in the tent The Grand Prix race in Montreal. Especially with the British Royals, she was not well versed at the time, apparently, because they are not switched, as your introduced to a charming Brit named Peter Phillips. The two had met in the evening at a Party again. It had radioed that they were in the following weeks, often phone and wrote.

But Peter Phillips was his new flame on his royale kinship in the dark. He explained that he is the son of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, and the lady emblazoned on the canadian dollar, his “Granny” Queen Elizabeth.

The hitherto Unsuspecting came behind it, when she saw a television program about the Royals is a photo of Peter. “Hello” she said later, especially her mother Kitty was also downright shocked. “Mum said: ‘Oh, Autumn! What did You just mess?“

The relationship between the Mc-Gill-a graduate of the Queen’s grandson, the son was able to develop without large medial observation. Peter was the first-born Grandson – at his birth the Number 5 of the British throne have been, over the years, however, more to the rear slipped. The press was interested in the private lives of his Cousins Prince William and Prince Harry for being.

A new face in the Windsor Clan

Autumn was pulled for a new Job in a Computer company and your new love for England. Here they became parents of Peter and his Sister Zara Phillips presented and then met the rest of the Windsor Clan. Although, until then, Only-friend and the not-Yet-was betrothed, she was even to private family events, such as the Reception for 80. Birthday of the Queen at the Ritz Hotel in 2006 invited.

2016, the current Queen told the grandson daughter-in-law at the canadian station "CBC", as it was, the most famous family in the world, and especially Elizabeth II meet. "They [the Windsor’s, d. Red.] are simply a family that is happy and a good relationship has with each other " she told . "I was very warmly received ." You have had to pinch from time to time to understand that she experienced it all really, told you, laughing.

In love, engaged, married

The Only girlfriend Status, Peter Phillips, in 2007, wanted to change with a romantic marriage proposal. In the case of a balloon ride he wanted to ask the crucial question . The weather forced him to Reschedule and he asked Autumn for a dog walk in the rain to your Hand. "I looked in my rubber boots with wet hair is terrible ," quotes "" his bride-to-be. Yes you said right.

Around 300 guests were invited to the wedding, which took place in may 2008 in Windsor . Many royale Fans had hoped for a Transfer to the wedding Ceremony, finally, the first Royal grandson married a child of his Generation. But Peter and Autumn gave your vows to the exclusion of the Public. Only the onslaught of the guests in front of St. Georges chapel and the carriage ride for the bride and groom to Reception in Frogmore House could keep track of the onlookers. In retrospect, it rained criticism for this approach, as it turns out, a magazine for a reportedly six-figure sum to get exclusive access had.

The headlines about the alleged "sold wedding" ebbten soon. Couple Phillips went on for some time, according to Hong Kong, where Peter a Job at the "Bank of Scotland" getting had. In 2010, they returned in time for the birth of his daughter Savannah to England. Two years later, daughter number 2, Isla completed the Quartet.

The civil Windsors

The married couple Phillips is one of the members of the house of Windsor, which have no official obligations . Both have civil Jobs: Peter in the Sport and event management, Autumn worked after their Bachelor’s degree, in 2002 as a business consultant.

Her performances in the Royal environment are limited to the Events of the Royal year, in which the Queen is gathering her large family, for example, in the case of "Trooping the Colour" or Christmas in Sandringham. Thanks to this Status as a casual Royals, the rarely occur in the appearance (have to), you can lead your life in the rest of the time civil inconspicuous and stay under the Radar of the press, which is interested in other Windsors much more .

At least, that was until they were in January 2020, the public, to have separated and want a divorce. This brought you at least for a time much more in the focus of the press, especially because it’s the next bad news after the "Megxit" was. Your two daughters you want to take care of Autumn and Peter, but also in the future together .

In this respect, Autumn Phillips lived a modern Form of the princesses-dream: you could let the Royal Pomp and pageantry behind, if you in-laws, grandma’s castle left.

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