Arthur Abraham

From Amateur boxer to professional boxer. However, after an unsuccessful Comeback Arthur Abraham had to make room for the offspring. And since then as an actor

Arthur Abraham

  • Born 20. February 1980 , Yerevan, Armenia
  • First Name Awetik
  • Name Abrahamjan
  • Years 40
  • Size 1.75 m
  • Zodiac Sign Pisces
  • Partner Mary Abraham (married)
  • Children’s Grigor (*2016)

Not everyone knows that

The rights for the broadcast of the fight against Ramirez were bought for a little more than 1.5 million

Arthur married his wife Mary in Armenia

Abraham has online a 8-week Boxkurs in the offer

Biography of Arthur Abraham

The beginnings of the world of the Boxer

King Arthur – this is Awetik Abrahamjans fight name. This name he was also absolutely fair! In his career, he suffered only five defeats in 49 Fights. Originally from Yerevan to arise, he took in 2006, finally, the German citizenship and has since borne the name of the artist Arthur Abraham. In his Childhood, nothing pointed towards that he was going to be a professional Boxer. But athletically he’s always been. As a teenager, he drove a bike race and the North Bavarian and Franconian youth champion was even. In 1996 he started as an Amateur boxer in Bamberg, Germany and then moved several times in the clubs. In 1999, he went together serve with his brother back to Armenia, the military service. In 2003, she then returned to Germany.

The good hit: The Sauerland Boxing stable

To this is when he started his professional career. With his brother he applied together with Wilfried Sauerland head coach Ulli Wenger. The took her in promptly. Abraham was able to convince and was well prepared, therefore, by none other than the head coach at competitions. His Debut, he celebrated on 17.08.2006. At the beginning he will have to convince the middle-weight and was then IBF champion of the world.

Up and down: success and pain

Without the injuries and pain it went but then. A double-fractured jaw gave Abraham two titanium plates and several screws. Although he bled heavily in the last 8 rounds of the fight against Edison Miranda, went further in the Competition anyway .

After another Fight, he moved then on the occasion of the Super Six tournament in the super Middleweight division. The first competitions he won, but he soon suffered its first defeat. 28. In March 2010, he succumbed to against Andre Direll. After two defeats he’s not announced yet, to leave the weight class, but to continue to fight in spite of conflicting announcements made by his Trainer.

His Comeback at super Middleweight in 2012. Against Robert Stieglitz is a world champion martial could be arranged. He won a lot of other fights and was in his weight class WBO world champion.

Unsuccessful Comeback in the United States

The disappointment and horror were written Ulli Wenger a long time in the face. In the case of Abraham’s Comeback, he could not Shine. Ramirez, a Mexican, defeated him, and thus the champion of the world was the title. A big shock for all. Not is accused of the Boxer but the Trainer that he is focused enough. If so, there is a renewed Comeback is uncertain.

Outlook as an actor?

Not only is Abraham, the film industry appears to have what to him. He played in the Max Schmeling in a supporting role and in Kokowääh 2 is a guest role. Maybe this is his future? We are excited to see.

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