Annie Lennox

Pop icon Annie Lennox has a music career, so you can see. In addition to your career from the blows of fate is drawn.

Annie Lennox

  • Born 25. December 1954 , Aberdeen, Scotland
  • First Name Ann Griselda
  • Name Lennox
  • Years 65
  • Size 1.75 m
  • Zodiac Capricorn
  • Partner Mitchell married Better (since 2012) ; Uri Fruchtmann (divorced since 2000)
  • Children Of Lola (*1990) And Tali (*1993)

Not everyone knows that

Family tragedy: in 2015, the long-time friend of Annie’s daughter Tali, the artist Jones died in an accident, fatal. The young Couple was kayaking on the Hudson River near New York on the road, as the boat began to capsize. Tali could be rescued by Strangers, of your loved one two days lacked any trace – until his body was found .

Annie was previously married three Times. Marriage number one: in 1984 to 1985, with Hare Krishna monk, Radha Raman. Marriage number two: 1988 to 2000 with the Film and music producer Uri man Fruit, with Annie’s two daughters. Marriage number three: 2012 to, hopefully, always with the South African gynecologists Mitchell Better.

Prior to her music career, Annie worked as a cabaret artist. Together with a colleague she was under the name of "Stocking Tops" on the road in London. The few appearances of the Duo, however, were anything but successful, and so Annie threw the idea over a long period of.

Daughter Lola Lennox goes to the singer/Songwriter. This Mama Annie’s is proud to announce on your Twitter Account.

Biography of Annie Lennox

Today’s Pop-icon Ann Griselda "Annie" Lennox grew up in her Scottish home in pretty ordinary conditions. Her mother, Dorothy, was a cook, her father Tom worked in the local shipyard as a locksmith. The only abnormal at the small, three-person family was the outstanding Talent of the daughter, for music, poetry and Drawing. Early on, recognized Annie’s parents, her Talent and made it possible for her music lessons, she learned flute and piano and received vocal and dance lessons. At the age of 17, Annie left her Scottish home, in London, on the "Royal Academy of Music" to study classical music. But all Annie did not seem to Rock ‘n’ Roll enough. The lively London offered so many temptations, of which Annie could not resist. And so they chucked in just before the final exams of her studies, kept with occasional jobs as a waitress over the water and moved in the evening with musicians in the Clubs and Pubs of the town – until one Night, a fateful encounter your life the head should put .

A fateful encounter

"You want to marry me?" in 1976 were supposedly the first words of Dave Stewart to the startled Annie, and drew on him at the time in a Restaurant as a waitress. And Annie was done: The two were only a Few, but worked now also as a musician. First, they reformed under the name "The Catch" and later they were joined by other musicians to "The Tourists". Although they were able to celebrate in the UK, with some success, but separated rapidly on the basis of the famous musical differences.

This dress is her almost fatal

The birth of the "Eurythmics"

But the Duo of Lennox/Stewart was not discouraged, and made second under the name of "Eurythmics" more music. Although they were private no longer a Couple, but their creative chemistry with each other as before. The Band’s first Album flopped, but with the second Album "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" Stewart and Lennox, succeeded in 1983, the world-wide breakthrough. From now on, it went steeply uphill for the Pop Duo. There are a number of further Hits followed, they shaped the Sound of the 80s was due sahnten numerous awards and international idols. At the end of the 80s, however, as the flopped up to date, last Album of the Band, as I care more about your private life, and Dave Stewart wanted to be as a producer for other artists, their paths diverged.

Private Stroke Of Fate

Time for your private life, Annie had sorely needed, for they suffered a severe blow of fate. In 1988, she had a miscarriage. The common son with her husband, the Israeli Film and music producer Uri man, the Fruit had to bring you dead to the world. Of course, Annie took time and rest to be able to events kind of process. However, in 1990 and 1993, came with her two daughters, Lola and Tali to the world, the Annie, as she says today, about the severity of the time helped .

Annie solo

However, after a few years break, it pulled Annie back into the spotlight and launched a solo career, so what could of build on old successes. With a number of Hits such as "Why" and "Walking on Broken Glass" fought back in the top Popliga. Even a coveted Oscar, it can call its own: For the third part of the "Lord of the rings"-Trilogy, "The return of the king" she sang the title song "Into the West" and was delighted to receive one of the Golden boy for best film song. And even another "Eurythmics"-Album crowns her career. In 1999, she and Dave took Stewart LP "Peace" on, toured the country and donated the proceeds to charitable organizations such as "Greenpeace" and "Amnesty International".

Social and political Engagement

Not the only Time that Annie is working for the good purpose social and political Engagement are always important. So she is the Ambassador of the development organization "Oxfam", for the fight against HIV/AIDS and is committed to combating Hunger in Africa. And also in terms of political interests, the wise Annie takes no sheet before the mouth. For years, she is an advocate for the independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom, and the Israeli air condemned attacks on the Gaza strip. Annie Lennox is a woman, the breath seems to never !

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