Anja Kling

Anja Kling started her acting career as a young woman in the former GDR and is today successful in the film business on the go

Anja Kling

  • Born 22. In March 1970 , In Potsdam
  • First Name Anja
  • Name Kling
  • Years 50
  • Size 1.71 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Partner Oliver Haas (married since 2018) ; Jens Solf (1987-2012)
  • Children Tano (*2001) ; Alea (*2004)

Not everyone knows that

Over 20 years of Anja with her sister Gerit lived together under one roof. 2016 but moved Gerit and her new Partner, a.

Only four days before the fall of the wall fled, Anja Kling Czechoslovakia to Bavaria.

Published in 2007, Anja Kling your book "My small, extended family: 6 adults, 3 children and lots of Action", they reported from their everyday lives with sister, parents and children all under one roof .

Biography of Anja Kling

Anja Kling is without a doubt one of the most popular and most sought-after German Actresses. As the daughter of an acting agent, and a former senior employee at the film Studio Babelsberg, you were open to possibly the door, but Anja Kling initially had other plans.

The first main role came unexpectedly

Although Anja Kling as a teenager and young woman had been able to gain some experience in front of the camera, but after school, she wanted to study medicine. Actually, everything was already cut and dried, wouldn’t you since this is a quote fluttered into the house, that should make your life on the head. Her main role was in the DEFA Film "Green Wedding" and whoever says there already "No"?

Family Reunion in Malibu?

Now stand for Anja Kling once and for all Time: she wanted to be an actress. However, the ambitious young woman wanted to her craft, learn from the ground up and decided to, instead of the neck start on the head of the exam, initially for a Acting training.

TV-successes in the 1990s

After the turn of the career of Anja Kling then went just as successfully as it had begun. There was hardly a German TV-series, not to be seen in the sounding was. "Polizeiruf 110", "The Old", "Derrick", "Our Teacher Doctor Specht", "The Country Doctor", "The Dream Ship", "The scene of the crime" to name just a few productions, in which Anja Kling was in the 1990s, regularly you Can the Best. Not in vain it was in 1995 best young actress with the Golden camera excellent.

Anja Klings Cinema Sequence

In the new Millennium, Anja Kling started as a Queen Metapha in Michael "Bully" Herbigs Comedy "(T)Raumschiff Surprise – Periode 1" in the cinema by. For more movie roles in the Movies "Where is Fred?", "Lilly The Witch", "For men" and "Hanni & Nanni" you can keep a record of the successful thespian on your profile. At the end of the 2000s, Anja Kling earned also with her acting skills in the TV-two-parter "We are the people – love knows no boundaries" a lot of applause and was awarded with the Golden camera and the Bavarian television award and the ensemble prize at the German television prize .

Anja Kling private

By the way Anja got to Kling with her former life companion, the Manager Jens Solf, the two Children Tano and Alea. In the meantime, she is living separately from the father of your children and with your new Husband Oliver Haas, also behind the Scenes of the Film, happy in Potsdam.

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