Alexandra Wester

Despite a serious injury to the top jump: long jumper Alexandra Wester is at the front of it.

Alexandra Wester

  • Born 21. In March 1994 , Bakau/The Gambia
  • First Name Alexandra Valerie
  • Name Wester
  • Years 26
  • Size 1.8 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Partner Yoshiko Saibou

Not everyone knows that

Alexandra has also worked as a Model and has occurred, for example, in the case of the Berlin Fashion Week .

Alexandra loves Spare Ribs.

Alexandra can’t imagine a Partner who is not enthusiastic about sport.

Alexandra she loves to cook and one to eat is also one of the most important points for your satisfaction.

Your current friend Yoshiko Saibou, you learned about the social media. It all started with private messages via Instagram, until it was at a dinner between the two finally radioed.

Biography of Alexandra Wester

She jumped right into the spotlight! With 15 Alexandra Wester drew the attention of the sports world, and she has lost since then, never really .

In the sand jumper box far

The daughter of a German father and a Ghanaian mother grew up with her father in Saul’s home, where you have the set up already as a small child a large conveyor in your grandfather found, for you and your older sister, a long jump pit in the garden, grub, and other small venues. When she was six, she began to train in the TuS saulheim athletics, and with the twelve, the sisters discovered that it made them fun to go for a jog. Only three years later, Alexandra’s career began to pick up momentum, as it was in the heptathlon German U16-champion and at the same time a German record.

The Comeback after a terrible injury

Only two years after her first success Alexandra suffered such a serious injury that many predicted her to end her professional sports career. You slipped on a wet track and was torn by the cross and the inner band, the Outer and inner meniscus damage. The cartilage was broken and she had to undergo two surgeries. By iron discipline and unconditional force of will, you managed to actually Comeback! "It was a shock. Some saw my athletic career ended, strengthened my Motivation to create it yet ."

Instead of the left, you can jump now to the right and you can not say that they would be worse, as they proved in 2016 impressive with your 6,95-Meter jump at the ISTAF Indoor. In the same year, she won Championships in the German Hall, and was Championships at the indoor world short Sixth. In the qualification for the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, you sprang in the first passage more than the required 6.70 meters. Unfortunately, they retired there in the end in the qualifying round. In 2017, you could Championships in the German Championships as well as the German Hall impressive points. They reached second place and was Vice-champion.

During her injury break, she devoted herself to a project of the heart

As Alexandra 2017 visited her home country of the Gambia, she noticed a great lack of sports shoes under the children and young people. During their involuntary break, you summed up in 2019, together with her friend Joshiko, therefore, the decision of shoes under the Motto "Smiling Kids for Africa" to collect. The project found enormous popularity, and ultimately, the athlete was able to collect a few over 600 new and used shoes. While in the case of personal Delivery in the Gambia a lot of people Smile, and filled her eyes with tears: "I had then every day tears in the eyes."

Student, Model, and Influencerin

Your private Alexandra’s life is very important, especially your friends. You should imagine a perfect day, would this, in any case, at least once in it. A look at their numerous activities in addition to the Sport, however, suggested that such perfect days are rare .

After two semesters at the University of Miami in the USA, she is now studying sports science at the German sport University in Cologne, Germany, is modeling for Puma, Zalando, and invested a lot of time in your Instagram Account, where she holds with more than 60,000 subscribers already Influencer Status. There is little time to sit back.

"I’m not going to rest on my laurels and continue to plow."

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