Adam Sandler

Comedian, Composer, Actor, Screenwriter. Adam Sandler has many talents and has his Finger in the game. But where his way has begun?

Adam Sandler

  • Born 9. September 1966 , Brooklyn, New York City / USA
  • First Name Adam Richard
  • Name Sandler
  • Years 53
  • Size 1.77 m
  • Zodiac Virgo
  • Partner Jackie Sandler (married since 2003) ; Alicia Silverstone (1996) ; Margaret Rudin (1992-1993)
  • Children Sadie Madison (*2006) ; Sunny Madeline (*2008)

Not everyone knows that

The actor Adam Sandler give only very rare Interviews. He protects his private life and his family is in front of the Public.

Sandler and his wife have two common daughters. On his own Facebook Page, he lets his Fans in short video messages, which he keeps on his current projects and films to date .

Adam Sandler was one, according to the American "Forbes Magazine" the highest-earning male actors in Hollywood. Between June 2007 and June 2008, he received a fee of US $ 30 million. So he was Ten, directly behind Johnny Depp, Eddie Murphy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis, and Will Smith and other famous movie stars.

Biography of Adam Sandler

It began in 1988, when Adam Sandler and his Bachelor of Fine Arts at New York University completed. This year he played "The Cosby Show" the role of Smitty. He was also a cast member in the MTV-game show "Remote Control". And so the great career took its course. After a gig in a Club in Boston, the son of Jewish parents, began regularly in Comedy Clubs to perform. In Los Angeles, he was discovered on stage by Comedian Dennis Miller. As a writer and performer, he was part of Show "Saturday Night Live". But in 1996 he left the show to concentrate on his acting career .

The long road to the movie star

Sandler’s first major film success was a role in the Movie "Billy Madison is A slob to Fall in love with". Here he played an adult who had to repeat grades 1 to 12, so he was able to persuade his father, to whose hotel Empire take over. After the surprising success of others that came Comedies such as "Happy Gilmore" (1996) and "A wedding to Fall in love with" (1998). Nevertheless, in spite of Adam Sandler’s movies have been panned by the critics, which earned him a number of times the dubious award of the Golden raspberry Anti-Oscar, given for particularly poor performance .

It depends all

Adam Sandler with star status

However, with the Film "Waterboy – The guy with the water damage" by 1998, the actor finally, to make it in Hollywood with a name. The film revenue of more than US $ 100 million, made it clear: The audience loved Adam Sandler and his sense of Humor. So it was that the actor in addition to Comedy roles, also took on serious offers. In his Film "Punch-Drunk Love" from 2002, he has been praised in the highest tones by the critics and a Golden Globe was even able nomination take.

2003 married to Adam Sandler, the Model Jackie Titone, he’s on the Set of the film "Big Daddy" met. The two also worked in other movies with each other.

Sandler’s own thing

In 1999, Sandler has his own Production company "Happy Madison Productions" founded, for many of his own hit movie responsible. Among his best-known films:

  • 1998: Waterboy – The guy with the water damage
  • 2002: Punch-Drunk Love
  • 2003: Anger Management
  • 2004: 50 first Dates
  • 2005: game without rules
  • 2006: click
  • 2007: Chuck and Larry – Like fire and flame
  • 2010: the child heads
  • 2011: My invented wife
  • 2011: Jack and Jill
  • 2016: The Do-Over
  • 2017: The Meyerowitz Stories

Good cooperation with old friends

As a good friend of Comedian Kevin James, the one with the TV series "The King of Queens" was known, worked for Adam Sandler in this series with him. Together, the two turned later Movies "Chuck and Larry – Like fire and flame" and the film series "Child heads". Other friends of Sandler Rob Schneider and David Spade are often in the enjoyment of a fruitful collaboration with the Hollywood star.

Adam Sandler shows a different side of

With his buddy Kevin James, Adam Sandler with a preference in klamaukigen comedies is to be seen, however, that he can be more than just funny, he has proved in the past a few times already. However, Sandler and his acting performance in the 2017 published should Tragicomedy "The Meyerowitz Stories" he Once and for all, all critics are silenced. Film connoisseur, the title of "Adam Sandler plays the role of his life" and act with him as the head of a failed patchwork family as a hot Oscar contender. So it remains exciting!

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