A big concern for Brad, He is only a shadow of its former self is Pitt

Of great concern to Brad Pitt: He is only a shadow of its former self.

Shock photos of Brad Pitt: He is only a shadow of its former self.

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Not a day goes by without news about the separation of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Now new pictures of the actor surfaced: A great concern.

Of the former flagship large family, not much is left: Since the split, Angelina Jolie, 41 concerns, and Brad Pitt almost every day for new headlines. Particularly piquant is the dispute over the custody of six children, of course, is .

Brad Pitt at the end of his powers.

And this seems to Rob the 53-Year-old his powers. To distract herself, the actor plunges into an unusual work: Under the guidance of British artist Thomas Houseago he is working on a sculpture, and up to 15 hours of the day. “He spends every night working on his art and listen to emotional songs. Art is a way for him to focus only on one thing and forget everything else,” said a source to “Dailymail”.

Everyone knows that it is a question of what’s going on with him personally, but no one says anything. He’s a quiet guy and very humble.

The pictures show the father of a family on the way to the Studio. Although he’s wearing sunglasses, you can see him, his Fatigue and exhaustion considerably. In addition to his new hairstyle, it is striking how narrow his face is become. In General, Brad Pitt, wears simple clothing looks considerably thinner than usual.

Also, the children suffer from the separation.

Also, the Smoking he had given up as the source reports, you can see regular clouds of smoke from the Windows of the studios come. Seems as if Brad would not have coped with the separation from Angelina and the children and .

The Showdown because of the children?

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